A Weekend in Time, Meet Me at the Capitol

“Peacekeepers hurry us all onto the train and slam the door. The wheels begin to turn. And I’m left staring out the window, watching District 12 disappear, with all my good-byes still hanging on my lips.” – Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen 

Just as it will only be 12/12/12 and 12:12 am/pm once; only once will Doctor Who and Catching Fire land their first theater showings on the same weekend.  Thursday evening, I’m planning on lugging some homework to the cinema and waiting in line (of course with two companions) for the new scenes of Panem. Anyway, after a night in the 12 Districts-or should I say 13!?- I will anxiously anticipate the arrival of Dr. Who: Day of the Doctor on online viewing sites. As displayed by my fandom-dance photo (above), I am currently in a state of fan-girl jitter.

You may be puzzling over why I am not going to see The Day of the Doctor in theaters although I am so enthusiastic about its arrival. Not uncharacteristically, my pockets are *. Thus I am conserving funds. When preparing my Dr. Who/Katniss celebration outfit, I used the Do-It-Yourself method. First for the shirt and then the fez.

The most difficult steps of making the shirt were figuring out how to effectively replicate the desired design on the fabric and how to accomplish a respectable paint job. I found, among my jumbled, mess of sewing supplies, tracing sheets called Clover Chacopy. They allow you to trace your design and imprint a temporary marking of a Mockingjay on the material. They were very useful in producing the guidelines for the image. However, I ran into trouble when I added too much water to my paint, after a few paint strokes, the black began to bleed past the lines. It was frustrating, but I’m not totally bothered by it anymore.

The Fez was resisting my efforts to construct it. Granted, I didn’t really follow all the instructions in the tutorial I used (find here), nor was I very patient in creating my red head-wear. Nevertheless, it fulfilled it’s duty.

I will devote one sentence to the miniature bow tie, which I discovered while rummaging through my brother’s space-he’s at college, he’ll never know- it was a nice touch to finish off the outfit and to allude to the Doctor’s excellent taste. The rest of the clothing was shopped from my closet.

Have a lovely weekend and Allons-y!



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