Those High School Things

1. Staying up way too late skyping with friends…like 4 a.m. late.

2. Waiting till the 11:55 pm to tun in an assignment due at 12:00 a.m. EST.
3. Crying.
4. Sitting with your friend on Skype, while she cries.
5. Having six assignments all due on one weekend.
6. Saying “no” to social stuff because of school.
7. Complaining about not having a social life.
8. Being really really really pale.
9. Watching a Bollywood drama about escaping, at 2 a.m.
10. Being tired.
11. Drinking endless amounts of coffee.
12. Shopping online, because I don’t get out much.
13. Leaving the house only once a week.
14. The study session that turns into an interrogation about love interests.
15. An odd obsession with camels.
16. Getting mail from friends.
17. Trying to remember what time zone your friend lives in. 
18. Yearning for the day when you can actually hug your friends. 
19. Counting down the days till the end.
20. But then realizing you’re going to miss it, because it was all so worth it.
Veronica A.

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