A Simple Update

On the trails behind Gordon

Hello! to those of you who still read this blog.

Life, up here in Mass, has been a little more cheerful of recent. The air is chillier, however the community is warmer. I’ve gotten to know some of the girls from my floor and now I no longer return to an empty, lonely dorm. Occasionally, a friend will stride into my corner room and ask what I am up to, or I’ll wander into my  RA’s room and eat her roommate’s popcorn.

The work load continues to be non-oppressive, which is a bewildering surprise in comparison to high school. My classes range from: “I don’t really care” to “I love this class so much, I’m going to die.” Same with the professors.

Today I’m looking forward to my one evening class, creative writing. Partly because we get to eat dinner during it, which is a combination of two very special things: writing and food. But also I just love talking about literature composition.


And because everyone asks about it, my roommate and I have not strangled each other yet.

Veronica A.



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