Thanksgiving Break


I had forgotten how comfortable my bed at home was. After 10 hours of traveling I had reached the wooded Andreades domain and Thanksgiving break  had arrived.

The following mornings were like awkward, new acquaintances. I wandered listlessly into the kitchen at 7 a.m. and started doing the dishes, because there was no test at 11:25 a.m. to study for. I pondered my existence as I tidied up my room. My mom and dad were away at the doctor’s trying to sort out what was in my dad’s eye. And Enoch had secluded himself in his room to wade through his Calculus homework–how I remember those days.

It was an odd first 48 hours back in Quarryville. But then everyone came.


Thaddaeus and Daphne journeyed in, bringing their New York swag and their thoughtful and wise words. My uncle and aunt drove in, hauling all the excitement and energy for the weekend with them. Guy, my younger cousin, strode along and contributed what he called games, but were really math, geography and spelling tests. And Grandma was there too. She complete the festivities with her kind presence.



With long walks we discussed life and learning. Between green bean chopping and table dressing we reckoned with literature. And every once and a while, after a second piece of peanut butter pie, we laughed.


Two and a half weeks of back-to-back assignments awaited me at Gordon. So, I was reluctant to catch my train back. But here I am now, sitting in the library, half-way through the first week and procrastinating on my story due at 5 p.m..

Such is life.

Veronica A.


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