First Snow

According to all indications, it was a normal Monday. Neighbors on my dorm floor were starting to  rise and groggily shuffle into the bathroom. I was trying to motivate myself for the week ahead, while still mourning the loss of the weekend. The hot water was on for coffee, my roommate had already made her swift exit, and Monday was proceeding as normal. I went to pull open the blinds and my cold-recovering throat gave out a raspy but gleeful cry. It was snowing!

” Oh my god, oh my god!” I grabbed my phone. “It’s snowing outside,” I texted. Suddenly, this December Monday had become wildly exciting. The little; white puffs falling from the sky were magical. Soon my roommate was back to put on a better coat. She is from Kenya and this was her first snow.

I practically skipped to chapel. As the service of eclectic Christmas music progressed, I beamed. I was feeling Christmas now. Something about the frosty specks descending from the sky and being at college with friends reminded me of Harry Potter and his classmates at Hogwarts and some of the snow laden scenes in the movies.  So I made my friends take a picture so that I could remember the happy feeling.


Sadly, it turned to rain after chapel, but it still had a lasting effect.

Veronica A.


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