Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

"Writing is cheaper than therapy or drugs." - Roxanne Gay, "The Careless Language of Sexual Violence" Many of my non-fiction writing gurus laud the power of their craft to process harsh life events and thoughts that need spitting out. Roxane Gay's collection of essays, Bad Feminist, is a brilliant selection of honest but accessible exhortations... Continue Reading →


This is Serious Business

Few things hold a more important place in my heart than my planner. As soon as my mother introduced me to the idea of using a weekly agenda book, it became a staple of my everyday. It was life support during junior year and until recently, even more significant to me than my phone. Unless... Continue Reading →

The Current Playlist

Hardly any of these are recently released tracks, but they're all songs that make me want to belt beneath the shower head. If you're in a rut with old playlists on repeat, maybe one of these tunes will help you out. "Appalachian Wine" by eleventyseven "This is Why I need You" by Jesse Ruben "Close... Continue Reading →

On Writing by Stephen King

The most entertaining writing books are bursting with sarcastic charges against bad grammar and brutally honest expositions on the unglamorous and psychologically challenging exercise of composing a written work. They're also penned by experienced writers who have had a least some sort of mild success in the business. Anne Lamott's bird by bird and Susan Shapiro's Only as... Continue Reading →

Taking Up the Torch

Chanting and waving their arms as they chasséed around the bonfire, the shadowy figures beckoned us over. A bluetooth speaker provided the rhythmic percussion sounds. Night time, near the pond, hidden in the woods of Gordon College, I nervously approached wondering how weird this "Passing of the Torch" event was going to get. Little did... Continue Reading →

Groundhog Day

Plots involving time loops are tricky. For the writer the question is how do you have a day repeat over and over again and still maintain interest. In Groundhog Day a sardonic weather man, Phil (Bill Murray), finds himself reliving a most displeasurable 24 hours. During this period he is in the tiny, obscure town of Punxsutawney,... Continue Reading →

Quote Book

Initially, the genesis of my quote book was because I had too many blank journals and I needed to start using them up. But as I've had time this summer to get deeper into reading and writing, I've realized how appropriate it is to save and compile a collection of favorite sentences. I think too... Continue Reading →

Ending Harp with Mahler

Dr. Bae, the conductor, raised his hands. It was comforting to know that I had two friends in the orchestra who were about to go through the same piece I was going to go through. But as the lonely Harpist I was tasked with producing the endearing solo which winds about over the general strings... Continue Reading →

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