This is Serious Business

Few things hold a more important place in my heart than my planner. As soon as my mother introduced me to the idea of using a weekly agenda book, it became a staple of my everyday. It was life support during junior year and until recently, even more significant to me than my phone. Unless... Continue Reading →


The Current Playlist

Hardly any of these are recently released tracks, but they're all songs that make me want to belt beneath the shower head. If you're in a rut with old playlists on repeat, maybe one of these tunes will help you out. "Appalachian Wine" by eleventyseven "This is Why I need You" by Jesse Ruben "Close... Continue Reading →

On Writing by Stephen King

The most entertaining writing books are bursting with sarcastic charges against bad grammar and brutally honest expositions on the unglamorous and psychologically challenging exercise of composing a written work. They're also penned by experienced writers who have had a least some sort of mild success in the business. Anne Lamott's bird by bird and Susan Shapiro's Only as... Continue Reading →

Taking Up the Torch

Chanting and waving their arms as they chasséed around the bonfire, the shadowy figures beckoned us over. A bluetooth speaker provided the rhythmic percussion sounds. Night time, near the pond, hidden in the woods of Gordon College, I nervously approached wondering how weird this "Passing of the Torch" event was going to get. Little did... Continue Reading →

Groundhog Day

Plots involving time loops are tricky. For the writer the question is how do you have a day repeat over and over again and still maintain interest. In Groundhog Day a sardonic weather man, Phil (Bill Murray), finds himself reliving a most displeasurable 24 hours. During this period he is in the tiny, obscure town of Punxsutawney,... Continue Reading →

Quote Book

Initially, the genesis of my quote book was because I had too many blank journals and I needed to start using them up. But as I've had time this summer to get deeper into reading and writing, I've realized how appropriate it is to save and compile a collection of favorite sentences. I think too... Continue Reading →

Ending Harp with Mahler

Dr. Bae, the conductor, raised his hands. It was comforting to know that I had two friends in the orchestra who were about to go through the same piece I was going to go through. But as the lonely Harpist I was tasked with producing the endearing solo which winds about over the general strings... Continue Reading →

Back to the Penn.

  Sprawled out on the bland library carpet, I unsuccessfully fought back tears. Despite it nearing closing time, I made no effort to rise to my aching feet. My mom, who was engaged in an online meeting, smiled understandingly at my wet eyes from behind her corner cubical. She had just driven eight hours to pick... Continue Reading →

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