California Pt. 2

  The West Coast is a sight to be seen in the winter months. With a rare abundance of rain, the hills were green and the palm trees punctured the valley mist with their prickly heads. Erica loaded her Spotify playlist, and we belted our way through L.A. traffic to "Everything's Gonna be Alright" by... Continue Reading →

The Wrapping Job

There once was a present; it seemed so unassuming. Then the recipient tried to open it. She laughed at its comical second and third layers of wrapping. And then came a fourth and a fifth. The Christmasy patterns failed to cease with each reveal. The girl who received it, so caught up in the hilarity... Continue Reading →

Christmas ’16

If you stand on the first three steps of the stairs leading down to the basement, the wood stove will affectionately wrap your feet in the byproducts of its inner combustion. Should you descend further, the icy, concrete slab floor will welcome your feet into its winter temperature. But all the wrappings are the ping-pong... Continue Reading →

Feelings on Finals

I shouldn't have been stressed. Yet, all I wanted to do was find a corner and cry as I awaited my New Testament final. The Psychology exam was practically a delight to take and the essay for that other class I turned in with an acceptable degree of satisfaction. So I couldn't quite rationalize my feelings of being swallowed... Continue Reading →

First Snow

According to all indications, it was a normal Monday. Neighbors on my dorm floor were starting to  rise and groggily shuffle into the bathroom. I was trying to motivate myself for the week ahead, while still mourning the loss of the weekend. The hot water was on for coffee, my roommate had already made her swift exit,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Break

I had forgotten how comfortable my bed at home was. After 10 hours of traveling I had reached the wooded Andreades domain and Thanksgiving break  had arrived. The following mornings were like awkward, new acquaintances. I wandered listlessly into the kitchen at 7 a.m. and started doing the dishes, because there was no test at... Continue Reading →

A Simple Update

Hello! to those of you who still read this blog. Life, up here in Mass, has been a little more cheerful of recent. The air is chillier, however the community is warmer. I've gotten to know some of the girls from my floor and now I no longer return to an empty, lonely dorm. Occasionally, a... Continue Reading →

Bonding in Boston

This past weekend marked the halfway point in the semester, which my college celebrated with an extra two days off. I took advantage of the free time and organized a day escapade into Boston with some friends. We started off with the Museum of Fine Arts, which  Around noon, we found our way to Greek... Continue Reading →

First Cut of Its Kind

Maybe she'd shave half my head. I really had no way of knowing what would happen. There I was, sitting facing a mirror, decapitated by a black sheet. I had never had my hair professionally cut. Which sounds so posh, but it really only means that my mom is the only one who has set scissors... Continue Reading →

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